Canadian Vietnam Veterans honored in Watertown

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There are 149 names written on a memorial wall.

They represent the Canadians who fought in the United States Armed Forced during the Vietnam War and never made it home.

"Over 10,000 came down from Canada to serve," Al Jansen, Codington County Veteran Service Officer, said.

For the past four days, people have been able to visit the wall at the Redlin Art Center.

"We don't want people to forget about the Canadians that served, that's why we made this wall," Rob Purvis, Canadian Vietnam Veteran.

Bringing the wall to South Dakota was important to Veteran leaders because of the important role the Canadian fighters played in the US Military during that time.

"We wanted to honor the sacrifices that these Soldiers, and Sailors, and Airmen made," Ron Parkes, the President of the Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association said.

The 149 Canadian fighters died in a United States Military uniform.

"That's the ultimate sacrifice, and do that for another country, you can't ask for a higher calling than that," Jansen said.

Rob Purvis is one of the Canadians who served in the Vietnam War.

"It's really important to me because my friend Larry was killed in action in Vietnam, his name is on the wall," Purvis said.

He's hoping the memorial can help educate more people about the impact of the Canadian Vietnam Veterans.

"I think the most important thing is just educating people that Canadians served and honoring and respecting our fallen brothers," Purvis said.

Codington County Veteran Service Officer Al Jansen hopes to see the wall back in South Dakota again in the future.

"We've really created a great bond and friendship with those people," Jensen said.

The wall is being returned to Canada.