Car seat safety: Things you should know

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - When it comes to Infant safety, especially in car seats there are few things you should know.

Walmart and Target are accepting used car seats in September. / (MGN)

A child care expert says an infant should never be left to sleep in a car seat.

As a matter of fact, if they fall asleep they should be laid down immediately.

“Children fall asleep in the car seat all the time, but it is not safe,” said Lori Braley the Program Director at Apple Tree Learning Centers.

However, Braley says it’s not always easy to wake a sleeping baby.

“Once that baby falls asleep you don’t want to wake them up you want them to sleep as long as possible, but it’s not safe for them to be sleeping in a car seat,” she added. “It is not safe in a bouncy and it is not safe in a swing.”

Once out of the car seat, the perfect sleeping environment for that infant is...

"Should be in a cool humidified room, the lights should be dark it shouldn’t be fluorescent,” Braley continued. “It should be in a crib with a firm mattress, no blanket, no stuffed animals, a sleep sack if you believe they are too cold and always, always on their back.”

Now if an infant is awake and you are traveling there are some guidelines for putting them into a car seat.

Braley said, “This time of year, it’s very tempting to get that big fluffy snowsuit and put them in the car seat. You don’t want to do that because the car seat is not going to keep them safe when you have that big snowsuit on. They need to be just in the car seat, buckled up and then a blanket. If they fall asleep in the car seat they need to be taken out.”

In Sioux Falls there are 245 in-home daycares, and for every provider, there can only be so many children.

LuAnn Ford, Public Health Manager of the Sioux Falls Health Department said, “You regulate in an in-home daycare is no more than 12 children, of those 12 children no more than four of them can be under the age of two and no more than two of those four can be under the age of one.”

The city says in 2020 they are implementing a new routine checkup, where they will be able to randomly evaluate daycares.