Chief Culture Officer starts new position in Sioux Falls

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 7:31 PM CST
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With nearly 250 of the city's 1,300 employees expected to retire in the next four years, the City of Sioux Falls is facing a staffing shortage. To get ahead of the problem, the mayor has recruited some help. That help comes in the form of a Chief Culture Officer.

It's a new position created within the city.

On Monday, Rana DeBoer officially started in this brand new position. As Chief Culture Officer she's focused on recruitment and retention within the city. To do this she's zeroing in on work culture.

“Looking to create that great work environment, so people can bring their best talents to work,” said DeBoer.

With so many people retiring, it's her job to make the city a place people want to work and stay working at. She'll start this task by connecting with current employees.

“Having great conversations across the city with employees and leaders of all levels to say what is important in our culture and what are those things that are great because we want to keep them great and what are the things we have opportunities to improve on,” said DeBoer.

Some employees are excited about the new position

"It's awesome. I think culture is very important and I think it's time for the city to start taking culture more seriously,” said Matt Tobias, Development Services Manager for Sioux Falls.

DeBoer will be meeting with those who are planning to retire to see what they liked about their position and what they would change.

She also already has some ideas she plans to implement within the first 90 days.

Such as creating a culture wall at city hall to showcase employees years of service. She also wants to create cultural conversations.

“Invite them into the conversation to say this is what's important and invite them into the solutions as well like what part of that can you help with and that will lay a good strategic plan in front of us for 2020 and beyond,” said Deboer.

Overall, her goal is to make work, a home away from home.

“If we spend most of our day at work and most of our waking hours with coworkers, let's make it a great place and that just has a resounding impact on the health and vitality of your family, of the community, of our state and of our nation,” said DeBoer.

DeBoer has worked for the city for 12 years. Her previous position was in human resources, which she says has prepared her for this new job.

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