City of Sioux Falls denies request to fly pride flag at City Hall

Published: Jun. 11, 2020 at 4:58 PM CDT
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June is pride month, a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

But, Sioux Falls Pride says city officials have declined one of their proposed resolutions to celebrate pride month.

Earlier Thursday, Sioux Falls Pride organizers announced that their proposal to fly the pride flag here at City Hall has been declined by city officials.

“Sioux Falls Pride was first approached by a city councilperson to work together to get ideally the flag flown over Sioux Falls City Hall. This was in the talking stages for a few weeks,” said Sioux Falls Pride President Quinn Kathner.

So, the organization crafted a resolution to go before the city council for a vote, proposing to fly the rainbow pride flag from June 19th - 21st in honor of pride month.

But, the document would not make it to the city councilors for a vote.

“We received word that city officials were not going to pass it through to see the light for city council to not upon,” said Kathner. “We would not receive any further dialog.”

Kathner said this was disappointing for the group, especially because they’ve seen numerous U.S. cities fly the Pride Flag at government buildings during Pride Month.

“The proclamation signed by Mayor Paul TenHaken says it was officially Pride Month in June,” said Kathner. “While we understand that some may be upset by the visual, we’re more concerned with those individuals that find peace and acceptance in the visual. So, for us, if we can impact one person and help them know that Sioux Falls is an inclusive and even further advancing inclusive city, the better.”

Kathner said Sioux Falls Pride embraces the vision and values of One Sioux Falls for the inclusivity of the community.

“We’re answering the call as Sioux Falls Pride to make sure that we are part of One Sioux Falls proudly,” she added.

We reached out to the city about this but did not hear back for comment in time.

The president of Sioux Falls Pride said they still look forward to a continuing partnership with the city in the future.