City of Sioux Falls unable to provide sandbags to residents

Officials have instructed residents to look elsewhere for sandbags at this time.

MGN PHOTO: Bags filled with sand to stop a storm surge, Photo Date: March 29, 2008

All the Sioux Falls' sandbags were dedicated earlier today to saving lift stations adjacent to the river.

Larger lift stations across the Sioux Falls area remain the highest priority.

Public works is unable to distribute the sandbags in order to protect these vital locations.

Sandbagging- lots of requests for that we reserve sandbags for protection of our critical infrastructure." says Environmental Storm Water Manager Andy Berg.

We called around to different hardware stores around town. The only one who still had sand is the Home Depot -- but they only had a limited supply.

The stores we spoke with said they're not just running out of sand. They're also running out of gravel, top soil and just about everything else.