City utilizing special snowplow to clear downtown Sioux Falls

Published: Jan. 17, 2020 at 7:09 PM CST
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The city uses two types of snowplows and one specifically is used for the downtown Sioux Falls area.

The city uses machines called motor-graders to clear the downtown area. Now, they also have trucks that have one-way blades and do the sanding.

The motor-graders have stronger downward pressure that can clear the road better. They also have snow gates so the side, which is why they’re so useful in the downtown area.

“They give us that really good down pressure and they also have the snow gates on to where we can drop them if we have a driveway or entryway so that we don't block that with snow. That is the biggest advantage versus the plows, they just don't have enough ground pressure,” said Street Operations Manager Dustin Hansen.

Plows started working on the emergency route at midnight last night. The emergency route consists of about 800 lane miles and the plows will keep redoing those routes until the snow stops.

Overall, the city says they cover about 3,300 lane miles throughout the city.

Coming up on Dakota News Now at 10, take a ride in a motor-grader as crews clear roadways.