Civil War Veteran honored in Butler

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It has been a very special Memorial Day for one South Dakota family.

"It's just a wonderful feeling when I walked in and could see the stone here," said Kay Wolner, great granddaughter of Chauney Morey.​

Morey is a Civil War Veteran from Butler, South Dakota.

"Growing up, we had memorabilia from him," Wolner said.

Growing up as kids, Kay Wolner and her sisters heard many stories of their great grandfather. The sisters made it their mission to help their father find his headstone.

"My dad didn't know where Chauncey was buried, so we just started looking," said Wolner.

The 20-year search finally led Kay Wolner and her two sisters right into the Prairie Mound Cemetery in Butler.

"We found him here. Right here," Wolner said.

After finding the memorial, the sisters next mission was to find a way to get a brand new one.

"We wanted the typical stone for the Civil War," said Kevin Bohn, Day County Veteran Service Officer.

That's where the Day County Veterans Service Office comes into play.

This brand new stone replaces and older one that had incorrect information on it.

"My office assistant worked with the granddaughters, interviewed them, and we just did the paperwork," said Bohn.

That paperwork, combined with the granddaughter's relentlessness led to a new stone being created for their loved one.

"This is historic, this is history in the making," said Bohn.

Morey's granddaughter's plan to see his new stone well into the future.

"We'll be back here every year for this and our families, like my children, their children, and grandchildren," Wolner said.

For Bohn, this has meant so much for him and his Veteran Service Department. He looks forward to seeing Morey's monument every time he visits the Prairie Mound Cemetery.

"This is a guy who served in the Civil War, in our back yard, his name is on the monument, and he didn't even have a grave marker, and I think that itself closes the story," Bohn said.

In the next few months, the Day County Veteran Service Office will be honoring one more Civil War Veteran from the area.