Clean water may be running at Blue Mounds State Park soon

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BLUE MOUNDS STATE PARK, M.N. (KSFY) - For years now clean water was difficult to find at Blue Mounds State Park in Minnesota.

The E. Coli outbreak at Blue Mounds State Park has been ongoing for five years. Park officials say they have a few theories as to how it started.

"We think that the water has been affected by the local agriculture area around here," Tom Sawtell, Blue Mounds State Park assistant manager, said. "There's a lot of farms and a lot of cattle. It might even be our own septic system. We're not sure, but it gets into the water somehow."

To try and stop campers from getting sick the Minnesota Health Department told park officials to warn campers not to shower, brush their teeth, or even cook food with the water.

Those restrictions however affected the number of visitors to the park. Officials say that they have seen a 30 to 40 percent decrease of campers.

However, these water issues are coming to an end. After a bond with the state to allow Rock County rural water to run a pipeline, located three miles away to the state park. The hope is to have clean water flowing by the fall.

Until then, campers are urged to get water from either Pipestone or Luverne and to use the local aquatic and fitness center for showers and water.