Click Rain innovative with employee benefits

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Flexibility and trust.

They are two things most of us would probably say are invaluable to have with any employer or job. And one local professional tells us that when you find them, only then do you often realize what's possible.

Joseph Marikle has a big job as the Web Application Developer for Sioux Falls-based marketing firm Click Rain.

Marikle, alongside colleague Paul Lexen, works to ensure everything systemically operates as it should online.

Both for clients, and the company itself, behind the scenes.

He used to just look over at Paul saying, “I didn't realize how often you just kind of lean over and ask a question or make a comment."

But Lexen recently began to work remotely, from Spain.
Lexen and his wife had talked for years about their dreams of traveling abroad with their children while they were still young and he was anxious about what it would mean for his job.

Much to his surprise, the response was, 'how can we make this work?'
He now meets live with Marikle and the rest of the team, every day remotely and communicates otherwise largely through Slack, an instant messaging system.

"It's really nice to see, occasionally he'll take his laptop and show us where he's at, nice to see what's out there,” says Marikle. “Also, it's kind of nice that there's a bit of a time shift and that covers more time where someone is looking at our systems in case something needs addressed right away. There are advantages, for sure."

The pros, colleagues say, far outweigh any cons, the remote work situation is working well.

The advantages for Lexen and his family, he adds, are priceless,” says Lexen. “We spent a month up near Barcelona, in northern Spain and we're spending two months here."

“So, three months total and then we're moving to England for 3 months,” says Lexen. “Every Sunday we're gone, people have invited us either into their homes or on a tour. We’ve just been blown away and we've felt very cared for by the people here and by god, it’s been a huge blessing, just been blown away by that."

He’s also learned a lot about his employer in the process.

“I think one of the most valuable things that a company employee/employer relationship can have is trust, and I think at Click Rain, I feel a strong sense of trust, both for him with leadership and company as a whole and I feel like that trust has been reciprocated,” says Lexen.

He hopes to bring back a lot of tips on how to work remotely well, but truly just hopes they have an awesome experience and they can foster these memories for years to come.