College students face challenges after graduation during pandemic

Published: Apr. 27, 2020 at 6:24 PM CDT
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Right now college seniors are wrapping up their final semester and it’s certainly not on the note they expected to end on.

Entering the real world can be intimidating on it's own. Right now, college seniors are having to enter the workforce with uncertain job security because of the pandemic.

SDSU senior, Corey Berscheit, says the pandemic is affecting the careers of many seniors.

“I think it’s very scary. I think the frustrating part of that too is that I have a lot of friends that had jobs lined up that got, I’m going to say postponed. You now, where their employers had to contact them that they can’t hire them at this time," said Berscheit.

This isn’t just affecting college seniors, it's stunting professional growth for some underclassmen too.

“For seniors it's very scary to be in uncharted waters but also even for Juniors, a lot of internships have been canceled," said Berscheit, "Although we're immediately hitting that workforce, there's a lot of underclassmen that are going through that.They need that professional development as well to land them jobs."

While students can prepare for post-graduation, planning during a pandemic isn't as easy.

Berscheit said, "It's been hard to tell myself to have patience during times like this and through this whole transition."

SDSU has also canceled their in-person graduation ceremonies.

Berscheit said, “A lot of disappointment and then immediately wanting solutions like, ‘Okay, what is the plan?’”

SDSU Event Coordinator, Jamison Lamp said, “In our first meetings as a task force, I think we were almost grieving or trying to figure out what we were losing as well.”

They've spent the last month planning and recording parts of the virtual commencement.

Their goal was to make it as similar to an in-person ceremony as possible, even mailing programs to the seniors and their families.

"I think it will be way more impactful than students will realize, to actually hold that in your hand," said Berscheit, "It's those details that we're trying to make it as real as possible."

"It is different. Right? It's not anything that any of us wanted to plan this, but we still want to but we still want to celebrate you and we still want to honor you and we know it's important," Lamp.

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