Concerned drivers would like to see changes to Aberdeen intersection

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Some concerned drivers in the Hub City are looking to turn things around at an intersection they say is too dangerous.

The issue was brought to the forefront of the City Council meeting earlier this week.

"I'm making turns that are very risky, that I wouldn't normally make in any other driving situation," Abby McQuillen, a concerned driver said.

Abby McQuillen spoke at the meeting on Monday night to express her concerns about the intersection of Lawson Street and Melgaard Road.

"If there could be a light or some type of traffic control there, even just during peak times it would really alleviate the situation," McQuillen said.

That intersection is near Aberdeen Central High School, and currently has two stop signs in place, but McQuillen has noticed people finding ways to bypass those signs.

"Some people would go through the church parking lot and just kind of do some other things that I think they probably wouldn't do otherwise," McQuillen said.

Mike Olson is the City Council member representing the southeast district in Aberdeen. He would like to see changes to the intersection too.

"We're fortunate that no one has been hurt yet, or any serious crashes," Olson said.

But he does recognize the concern from people who don't want any changes.

"Of course these things take money and tax dollars. Hopefully it doesn't interrupt traffic flow that much," Olson said.

McQuillen is just hopeful something changes in the near future.

"Sooner the better, but obviously I realize that might take some time too, so maybe in the next year or two," McQuillen said.

Public Works Director Robin Bobzien said installing traffic lights could cost roughly $200,000.