'Coronavirus Food Assistance Program' helps Farmers

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South Dakota Agriculture Producers have been working to get back on track for a few years now.

"The struggle with the Farm industry now has not gotten better, it's actually gotten worse," said South Dakota Farm Bureau Vice President Jeffrey Gatzke.

The spread of COVID-19 adds to the problems for Farmers.

"We're continuing fighting the weather conditions," Gatzke said.

The 'Coronavirus Food Assistance Program' has provided thousands of Farmers with economic assistance.

"A lot of the Producers that I'm talking to around here, and throughout the State of South Dakota say is those funds will help us maybe get through this year," Gatzke said.

South Dakota Farm Bureau Vice President Jeffrey Gatzke says the payments are a small fix.

"It slows down the bleeding that's going on out here, but it sure don't stop it," Gatzke said.

Gatzke says there's one thing that will greatly help the industry.

"We need to get the Country back up and rolling again, got to get the economy rolling again," Gatzke said.

He is hopeful by the end of 2020, things will be looking up.

"We just hope and pray that the good Lord willing that we can continue doing what we love doing out here, and that's raise meat," Gatzke said.