Coronavirus concerns overwhelm entertainment industry

Published: Mar. 10, 2020 at 6:25 PM CDT
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Concerns over the coronavirus continue to make an impact.

Several highly attended events across the country have been called off.

Some professional sports leagues even fear playing in empty arenas.

Local event planners have to consider what would be done if it came down to it.

The PREMIER Center in Sioux Falls is wrapping up the big Summit League tournament today and they still have a big month of events coming up.

But, the possibility of canceling still looms.

"There are thoughts and discussions in place, but again hopefully we don't get to that in our area. But, yes we do have plans and everything like that for if we get to that point," said Mike Krewson, PREMIER Center general manager.

More and more event managers across the country are facing difficult decisions.

"If the situation warrents in the community where like some other communities that they've made the decision as far as meetings over a thousand people, anything like that, then certainly we will take our cue from that as we reach out to event managers and clients around the country. Currently, we are not anywhere close to that situation," said Krewson.

Matt Beck and his wife bought meet and greet tickets several months ago for Lauren Daigle's concert at the PREMIER Center.

"Her Songs helped me get through a lot of stuff. So, to have the chance to actually meet her and then ask a question... that's an incredible experience to have," said Beck.

And they're hoping that chance doesn't get taken away from them.

Beck said, "We'd be disappointed and I certainly don't envy people who have to make that call on whether or not it goes on or gets canceled. I would hope that rather than canceling it there would be a way to reschedule or postponed, figure something out."