Coronavirus has some taking closer look at travelers insurance

Published: Feb. 11, 2020 at 6:11 PM CST
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Coronavirus is having an impact on travel. According to one local travel agency, several people have already canceled trips out of the country out of fear of the virus.

When going on a trip, travel consultant Lorie Buus with All About Travel in Sioux Falls always recommends purchasing travel insurance. She knows firsthand what could happen if you don't have it.

"I got caught without insurance and I know that I can buy insurance for the rest of my life, trip insurance for the rest of my life for the same amount of money that I lost on that trip, so it can be quite valuable to you,” said Buss.

When considering traveler's insurance make sure you look at all the options. Each one will come with a different price tag and will include certain stipulations.

"There's insurance that will give you 50 percent back. There's insurance that will give you 80 percent back, there's insurance that will give you a travel voucher that's typically good for one year,” said Buus.

Buus says unless you have cancel *may not be covered if you cancel a trip due to the Coronavirus.

"Insurance does not cover fear. Unless something has been canceled, if you make that decision to cancel on your own under the change of mind plan on losing something,” said Buus.

She also wants to remind people that in most cases medical insurance does not follow you out of the country. If you need medical attention while traveling, the trip insurance allows you to have some medical coverage. She says it all comes down to knowing your policy and what it covers.

You can get traveler's insurance through the tour company or trip package you're choosing or through an independent company. Buus always recommends contacting someone in the travel industry for help in finding the right insurance company and plan. The cost of insurance depends on the cost of your trip package and your age. The older you are the more expensive your travel insurance is likely to be.

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