Couple says 'I do' inside the Empire Mall

Published: Jun. 30, 2018 at 8:29 PM CDT
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There were several weddings around the region Saturday, but one couple stands out for the unusual spot they chose to say “I do.”

Maggie Pettit and Brent Plooster are former employees of the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls and met while working there.

This Saturday they tied the knot at center court in the mall surrounded by family friends and of course shoppers.

The couple said their special ceremony brought their relationship full circle. They said they weren't quiet about meeting each other so they didn’t want to be quiet about marrying each other either.

"One day I grabbed a speaker and held it over my head and played Backstreet Boys and that was like my, hey how you doing and I just turned around and started dancing. So we started our friendship here so we thought it only fitting to start our marriage as well," the couple said.

About 100 guests attended to the wedding ceremony inside the Empire Mall, along with all of the Saturday afternoon shoppers.

The bride and groom say they are excited to be the first and only wedding the Empire Mall will be hosting.