Covid-19 has officially spread into Brown County

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Covid-19 has officially spread into Brown County.

"It is a 60 to 69 year old Male who had recently traveled, and at this point that is all the information we are able to provide on that particular case," Justin Fraase, the County Public Information Officer said.

Preparing for this time is something County leaders have taken very seriously.

"Work alongside different entities in the County whether it be Police, Fire, the hospitals, healthcare facilities EMS, Sheriff's Department, just so everybody is unified in their attempt to combat this," Fraase said.

Public Information Officer Justin Fraase said concerned residents can find peace knowing the Emergency Operations Center Team hasn't slowed down.

"We are continuing to meet, we're continuing to operate in the terms of what the EOC does," Fraase said.

Andy Pugliano is aware of the case in Brown County.

"It's just very scary how no one in the world is going to be safe from it, and it'll move when people move," said Andy Pugliano, a Student at NSU and Aberdeen resident.

For him/her, the concern is about his parents and his future.

"They're a little bit older so the risk of them ultimately dying from it would be up there I suppose," Pugliano said.

Fraase and the rest of the City and County leaders will maintain the work they have been doing for as long as needed.