Creativity From Confinement art show sparks conversation about prison reform

Published: Dec. 5, 2018 at 6:53 PM CST
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Creativity From Confinement is a collection of arts by South Dakota prison inmates.

"This is an inmate art show that is here to really catalyze a conversation about prison reform," said Lawrence Diggs, the Buddhist Chaplain at the prison and the Liaison for the artists and gallery.

Tomorrow evening from six to eight, the art gallery in Aberdeen will be filled with people discussing ways to reform the prison system.

Lawrence Diggs is a Buddhist Chaplain at the prison here, he's worked hard to make this event possible.

"It's really all about having a conversation with the public about what do we do with inmates when they come out," he said.

The organizers want to hear ways they can answer one big question.

"What can we do on our side to make it easier to go straight than to go back in prison," Diggs said.

Diggs says art does that in many ways.

"It also provides a way to practice being useful and practice being a member and a contributing member, you can feel like you're giving something back," said Diggs.

One important thing the Aberdeen Recreation and Culture Center has done is work with people from Northern State University to bring the arts to the prisoners.

"The art community and the criminal justice community at Northern found a pathway to do a project together," said Diggs.

This is that project, one that Chaplain Diggs hopes to see many of the prisoners use to turn their lives around.

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