Curbside service at area vet clinics amid COVID-19

Sioux Falls, S.D. (DAKOTA NEWS NOW)- The coronavirus has forced many businesses to get creative with the way they operate. This includes vet clinics.

At All City Pet Care Veterinary Emergency Hospital safety is their number one priority. So starting Monday the clinic implemented a new policy called curbside service that will help minimize the amount of contact between staff and pet owners.

“I actually really do like it because if we come together as a community and actually take these measures seriously you know, we can kind of stop the spread of the virus and get on moving with life a little sooner than later,” said Customer Kyle Olson.

Instead of bringing pets inside, staff come to the parking lot to pick them up. The exam is done over the phone or video chat with the pet's owner. Once done, staff will return the furry friend to the car. With over 100 pets being seen a day, staff say this is the best way to keep everyone safe.

"They're not sitting in an exam room and breathing the same air in a confined space, you know. It’s a quick handoff outside just trying to minimize, we can’t eliminate contact,” said Collin Donley, All City Pet Care Hospital Manager.

To further protect the staff, steps are also being taken inside the clinic like extra cleaning and social distancing.

”As of right now we want to be here for the pets and we want to do everything we can for everyone who is in Sioux Falls. We haven’t changed that, but again that could change by the day,” said Olson.

They say they are just trying to do the best they can during these uncertain times.

Donley says they were inspired to do this by Sioux Nation Pet Clinic. They say other local vet clinics are also making these changes.