DOT working to improve major Sioux Falls interchanges

Published: Jun. 22, 2016 at 10:28 PM CDT
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The South Dakota Department of Transportation along with the City of Sioux Falls unveiled some of their preliminary ideas to improve traffic on Rice Street and Cliff Avenue.

During an open house at the Sioux Falls Convention Center Wednesday night, people who live in Sioux Falls got to hear the plan and give their input.

The ideas presented by DOT are all part of a bigger plan called the "Major Investment Study", laying out improvements for the entire Interstate 229 corridor.

Several area residents showed up to the open house.

Some were concerned about their businesses located in the area, while Sioux Falls resident Dean Delashmutt was just curious.

“I live in the area. I want to see what kind of traffic issues we're going to have as we go to work, or come home, or business about town,” Delashmutt said.

Department of Transportation planning engineer Steve gram says they have specific areas on both Cliff and Rice that they want to make a priority.

He says the area that needs the most improvement on Cliff Avenue is at the I-229 interchange near 41st Street and he has several ideas on how to fix it.

“When you're going northbound on Cliff Avenue you would actually make a right turn and go on a loop ramp to get on the interstate, whereas the southbound Cliff Avenue would use the existing ramp. So there would be two onramps, but you would separate their movements so there would be no more left turns,” he explained.

The team is also honing their focus on Rice Street’s I-229 interchange.

They are looking at options to improve the area where Cleveland Avenue turns into an interstate onramp.

“It starts off on the basic just expand that intersection in the corridor to match it up, to actually moving part of that intersection one way or the other. Some of them move Cleveland some of them actually move the ramp terminal further to the east there,” Gramm said.

Gramm says the interchange needs to be expanded to prepare for future growth in Sioux Falls.

And Delashmutt says he support the agencies’ effort.

“There's nothing to do except grow and to help it grow. And they're wanting to get it done and it has to have this done,” Delashmutt said.

Gramm says DOT is still taking public consideration on their initial plans and encourages people to give feedback.

He says the public can have a unique and vital perspective since they use these roads every day.