DWU opens international recruitment office

MITCHELL, S.D. - Dakota Wesleyan University is expanding its global footprint with the opening of its first international recruitment office.

Through a partnership with DWU alum and former board of trustee member, Dr. John Ifediora, DWU has opened a recruitment office in Abuja, Nigeria. Ifediora is leading the efforts in Africa with the help of two other DWU staff members, Godwin Kingsley and Honey-Ann Ndubuisi.

Ifediora is professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin System, and currently in the faculty of economics at American University in Washington, D.C. In 2014, he became the director of the Council on African Security and Development (CASADE) and has lectured widely for over thirty years in his fields of specialty at various universities in the United States, Europe and Africa.

“Dr. Ifediora has provided invaluable connections to the Nigerian private high schools, government schools and offices as we look to expand our international recruitment efforts for the fall of 2020,” said DWU President, Amy Novak.

The university said the new presence in Africa will bolster efforts to increase possibilities, inclusiveness, and enrollment, not only for international students, but for the entire university by developing relationships, establishing new connections and stirring excitement for students.