Data company grades states' social distancing; South Dakota gets a 'C'

Courtesy Unacast via Mapbox/OpenStreetMap

A data company is using cell phones to see how many people are really staying inside, and is handing out social distancing grades to states and counties across the U.S.

Unacast recently unveiled its social distancing tracker. The company buys the data from app developers.

South Dakota received a "C" grade from the company as of Thursday, with a change in average distance traveled down 27 percent. This ranks the state towards the bottom of the rankings.

The company's grades change with time, and new data is gathered.

Minnesota received an "A." Iowa, North Dakota, and Nebraska all received a "C." Wyoming is the only state to get an "F."

Unavision also graded social distancing by county. Several South Dakota received an "A," including Minnehaha and Codington counties. Travel was down over 40 percent in both counties. However, many others, including McCook, Brule, and Moody counties, received an "F."

The United States as a whole got a "B" grade.

A company is tracking cell phones to see how many people are actually following social distance guidelines. (Source: WCCO/CNN)

States such as Nevada, Illinois and Minnesota received “A” ratings from the company Unacast, indicating that people are following social distancing guidelines. Unacast claims travel in Minnesota was cut down by 45%.

Unacast has not said which apps it is partnered with.