Death penalty a possibility for Beaudion Jr. in Badi homicide case

Published: Jan. 28, 2020 at 9:46 PM CST
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The man who is in custody for the death of a Sioux Falls woman earlier this month went before a judge today.

Amir Beaudion Jr. was arraigned at the Lincoln Co. Courthouse this afternoon. That's where he was read the 15 charges against him, all relating to the homicide of 20-year-old Pasqalina Badi.

The 15 counts include: first-degree murder, second-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping, rape, and robbery.

These charges all stem from an incident earlier this month in which Badi was reported missing, and then later found dead on the side of the road between Sioux Falls and Harrisburg.

Because this case involves charges in multiple counties, Lincoln Co. State's Attorney Tom Wollman says much discussion went into deciding where to try the case.

"Ultimately it's where the evidence led us, and where it brought us to," Wollman said. "That ended up being here, predominantly in Lincoln County."

Wollman says the case has many moving parts and may take more than a year to be completed.

"This is certainly a very serious case, it's a case that we will continue to work very hard on, but these things take time," Wollman said.

For a previous gun related charge, a part two informational was also filed by prosecutors that could increase the potential penalty for three of Beaudion's counts.

When asked if the death penalty was a possible outcome in this case, Wollman had this to say.

"In a charge involving first-degree murder, like this, we review what the evidence shows about whether it's going to meet any of the aggravated factors or circumstances," Wollman said. "That's laid out in statute, and we're ultimately looking at if it's going to be applicable in this case."

Tuesday afternoon, the judge entered a not guilty plea on behalf of Beaudion.

A status hearing for Beaudion is set for Tues., Feb. 18, at the Lincoln Co. Courthouse.