Debating the issues: South Dakota Congressional candidates face off

Published: Sep. 2, 2018 at 9:53 PM CDT
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It was a busy day for South Dakota’s Congressional candidates as they voiced their opinions on the issues that matter to voters. Tim Bjorkman, George Hendrickson, Dusty Johnson, and Ron Wieczorek took the stage at the state fair in Huron to debate the issues as the November elections start to loom.

“Listen to the issues at hand and what the representatives are going to do for you and make sure you’re voting for someone who takes your best issues into hand,” Voter Caleb Carr said.

Hundreds of people packed the benches in Huron to hear the issues candidates stand for.

Tim Bjorkman said farm families are something he is passionate about.

“Real change that we need is going to come from outside the political process. So I’m someone who is a former judge and a reformer at heart. I want to go serve ordinary people and look out for the next generation,” Bjorkman said.

Dusty Johnson wants to give power back to the people.

“You know most of us think that D.C. isn’t working very well. I would much rather have us invest in our South Dakota families, businesses, and community. I’m going to be a limited government guy who looks to our local communities to step up and tackle some of those problems,” Johnson said.

Ron Wieczorek said we need to take a look at our economy.

“I really feel that we have to look at the major cause of most of our problems, which is the financial system, which is failing us. We have to go back to the history of the county here and look at the times that worked well and the times that didn’t,” Wieczorek said.

George Hendrickson said he wants to be that voice in the government for South Dakota.

“This whole evolution took place out of a necessity. What started as saving the life of one child. Trying to do good for him. That bloomed into being that voice for hundreds, if not thousands of people across this state. My job is to listen to people’s concerns and then figure out what I can do to help them. How can I stand up for them?” Hendrickson said.

Dorothy Strom is planning on voting in November. She said certain issues candidates spoke out for or against stood out in her mind and ultimately helped her make a decision.

“That individual, I would probably feel quite strongly about at the voting booth. The other gentlemen were very fair, very honest. I think everybody had a good stance on each issue and probably in a place like this that’s a good thing too,” Strom said.

Voters said it’s so important to take a part in the voting process so you can have a hand in our democracy and to help make a change. Voters with get the chance to cast their ballots on November 6th.