District 3 candidates speak out on the issues

Published: Oct. 18, 2016 at 8:01 PM CDT
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In Aberdeen, candidates running for District Three State Senate have been hard at work, campaigning and meeting residents face to face to win their votes ahead of election day.

Both candidates say improving education is at the top of their to-do list. Cory Heidelberger also wants to put a stop to state corruption while Al Novstrup says lowering taxes is his top priority.

"when I go to Pierre I'll be a voice for Aberdeen and for good government to make sure that Aberdeen is treated well and respected in all of those areas in education, direct democracy voting rights, and corruption," says democrat Cory Heidelberger.

Heidelberger and Novstrup say serving others is the driving force behind their campaign.

"I believe government should make the lives of the citizen's better, the way we do that is we provide to keep regulations and taxes low as possible, to provide quality education through a passionate, relentless pursuit of student learning," says Novstrup.

But both candidates' opinions diverge on the topic of elected official and campaign financing. Heidelberger says the anti-corruption act should pass, while Novstrup believes it's the worst initiative on the ballot.

"One party rule in Pierre has been bad, it's led to complacency and corruption," says Heidelberger. "That's intolerable, our legislature should be up in arms about that. I will go to Pierre and be serious about corruption, I'll be a watchdog on corruption. I will ask hard questions, we'll root this corruption out."

"If 22 passes, we're going to either have to cut services, for example education, roads, taking care of people, or we're going to have to raise taxes," says Novstrup. "Neither one is appealing so I would encourage a "no vote" on 22 because it's basically transferring taxpayer's money to politicians and I think that's wrong."

Both candidates are optimistic of their chances of winning.

Novstrup served in the state senate from 2009 to 2015 and Heidelberger is hoping to win a seat for the first time.