Early morning apartment fire leaves one injured and several displaced

Published: Feb. 16, 2020 at 10:05 PM CST
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Tenants of Hadyen Pointe are counting their blessings today after a fire broke out in one of the buildings here.

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue arrived at the apartment complex around 2 A.M. Sunday.

They reported smoke and flames coming from the patio door of a second-floor apartment.

This was around the same time Becky Hayne, a tenant on the second floor, started to realize something was wrong.

"I heard a very faint ‘beep beep’ sound. Like I had thought somebody's alarm was going off next door to my apartment..." said Hayne.

When she got up, the smoke was already intense.

"I went out the balcony and I heard my neighbor and she was out on their balcony. She was trapped too with her daughter. And so, she was yelling for help..."

Neighbors close to the fire were able to exit safely.

Once Hayne made it outside, she said she notified rescue crews of her trapped neighbor.

She said she tried to help the two escape using a blanket, which could be seen Sunday evening still tied to the balcony.

"The scariest part is how fast that fire goes and how fast the smoke rolls in. Like everything goes so quickly I couldn't believe it. So, I'm just so thankful nobody was killed, but I'm really surprised."

Authorities said the two were trapped due to the severe smoke and fire conditions and were able to rescue them using a ladder.

They also said the fire didn't spread beyond the apartment it started in. But, heavy smoke did cause damage to the hallway on the second floor of the complex.

The red cross is assisting those on the 2nd floor that have been displaced.

One person in the building suffered a minor injury.

Authorities are unsure if the fire alarms were working in the apartment where the fire started.

"Oh, we easily could've been killed from smoke inhalation," said Hayne.

Also said she didn't hear the alarms in her apartment go off and if it wasn't for a restless night of sleep, "We wouldn't have known we would've just been inhaling smoke."

"It's scary to think that I'm glad I'm here right now."

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.