Angie's List: Event planners can relieve some stress

For many of us, summer is a time for celebrations. From graduations and weddings to big family reunions, many of us take on the responsibility of hosting an event. This week’s Angie’s List Report gives suggestions about working with an event planner to help.

Weddings, reunions, retirement parties—they should be fun and momentous occasions. But for the host or hostess, they can often become a major cause of stress. Instead of obsessing over the details yourself, consider bringing in a professional event coordinator to tackle the task.

"We’re not afraid to call in the experts when we’re making large purchases, like buying our home for example, so a big event could be the same way. So hiring a party planner can help guide you through the process for a wedding, a major anniversary or even a milestone birthday party," Angie's List Founder, Angie Hicks said.

Jillian Zilch, the owner of Frame Worthy Events, knows that a good event planner can improve any celebration, no matter the size or occasion.

"So a lot of people think that you only need an event planner for something at a certain budget size or a certain headcount size, but realistically, we do events everything from a 7 person luncheon at an office to a 5000 person community event like the home show.
Bringing in a professional to do something like that usually helps it be a success, so from the smallest event up to the biggest possible event you could imagine, we handle all of it," Zilch said.

An expert event planner will take care of all the details, no matter the size of your party. More importantly, they’ll be able help your dream become a reality, while being mindful of your budget.

"Not only can an event planner help your event run smoothly but they can also help you stay on budget. They’ll have connections to caterers, entertainers, and event space that you may not have access to and they can help you negotiate the best price," Hicks said.

"Our connections include a very wide net of working with all of those professionals in different branches of the event world, that we’ve worked with on a regular basis. Those are our coworkers. When you have an event planning business, you have your own coordinators, but you also have a direct relationship with every single one of those vendors that’s going to be onsite that’s going to help you bring that all together," Zilch said.

Having an honest understanding of your budget is the most important thing for your event planner to know. Once they have those parameters, they can turn your requests into an enjoyable event that will be memorable for all the right reasons.

"A good event planner is going to help you make the most of your budget and your venue and really allow you to focus on enjoying your time with your guests, which is really what the event’s all about," Hicks said.

"The whole reason of hiring a coordinator is so that you are not stressed on the wedding day, or event day or whatever it might be. Trust the professionals, is what I would say. And it doesn’t just come down to your coordinator, it’s your caterer, it’s your photographer, and they will surprise you and they will wow you when you give them the room to work professionally," Hicks said.

Allowing the professionals to handle your event gives you the opportunity to really enjoy and celebrate. That’s the icing on the cake. For more information about finding an event coordinator and other party professionals, read more on