FSD continues to disinfect airport amidst SD coronavirus cases

Published: Mar. 12, 2020 at 6:29 PM CDT
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March is one of the busiest months of the year for the Sioux Falls Regional Airport because of spring break and vacations, and with the Coronavirus now in-state the airport is making sure to wipe down and clean everything thoroughly.

Even before the Coronavirus hit South Dakota, the Sioux Falls Regional Airport had already begun advanced cleaning.

Sioux Falls Regional Airport Executive Director, Dan Letellier said, “Yeah, we certainly have taken steps within the last week or even prior, looking at all the touch areas within the airport and doing regular disinfecting.”

That disinfecting includes handrails, passenger seating, doorknobs and water faucets to name a few.

Airline companies have been doing their part in the cleaning process as well.

“Provide additional cleaning, especially overnight cleaning, but when the flights are here on the ground disinfecting some of those common touch areas.” Letellier added, “They are rolling out their own processes and procedures nationwide for all of their flights.”

Jeffrey Johnson flew into Sioux Falls Thursday and says he’s noticed an uptick in bacteria protection.

Johnson said, “There are stations. Yes, they do have stations set up. I came out of Detroit into Chicago and then into Sioux Falls, there are more people out there wearing gloves, especially TSA they always do, so it is being a little more prevalent.”

He’s also been taking precautions himself.

"I am keeping hand sanitizer with me; I got my Clorox wipes and I wipe down the surface as did others,” said Johnson.