Fareway unveils employee bonus program

A regional grocery chain has announced plans to support its employees as the country continues to deal with fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

Fareway Stores, Inc. announced its Fareway Family Frontline Plan on Wednesday.

According to a company spokesperson, a one-time cash bonus will be paid to hourly employees under the age of 18.

Part-time hourly employees 18 and over will receive an additional 20 hours of paid time-off, full-time hourly employees will receive an additional 40 hours of paid time-off, and assistant managers and warehouse foremen will each receive an additional 47 hours of paid time-off.

This additional paid leave can be used for time-off, or if the employee chooses, as a cash payment.

The bonuses range up to $1,200 per employee, with a total investment of several million dollars to approximately 8,500 employees.

The Fareway corporate office will distribute the bonuses to qualifying hourly employees on April 3.