Farm animals crash virtual meetings

Published: Jul. 3, 2020 at 5:13 PM CDT
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If your virtual happy hours or conference calls are getting a little repetitive during this pandemic, one family farm in Garretson is hoping to spice up those conference calls with a little visit from a furry friend.

Beth Jensen is a family physician in Sioux Falls and uses her animals to show her patients a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Jensen started Glean for Good where she used to invite different types of groups out to her farm to educate them about her animals, but once the pandemic hit South Dakota, she adapted.

Jensen said, “We’re still here, everything is still flourishing and everything is still going on, so we thought ‘let’s just invite these animals into zoom calls.’”

So, Jensen’s Glean for Good added Glean Screen where she crashes virtual calls with her animals, she also is using the virtual platform for education.

Whether it be a formal meeting or just some friends catching up, the animals like bringing their own style to the camera.

“Usually we’ll insert some kind of creativity where we’ll put up a marquee sign that says some play on words about the farm or the animal and your business, or dress some of the animals up in t-shirts,” Jensen added.

Since starting Glean Screen, there have been a few fan favorites.

“If you want to just see some of the animals because Tank the pig is so hilarious, or you want to see ginger the alpaca or Shrek the donkey,” Jensen continued, “Well they're not doing anything except wanting some attention anyway.”

Jensen says as long as virtual meetings continue; she’ll keep joining with her animals but at the roots of all the fun, is a mission to help others.

"The long-term vision for Glean for Good has not changed, we aim to produce more than we need as a family so that we can share our extras with others,” said Jensen.

If you want a virtual visit from one of the animals, you can go to to schedule an appointment.