South Dakota legislature recognizes Farmers Union day

Published: Feb. 26, 2020 at 8:24 AM CST
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The South Dakota Farmer's Union leaders, and many of the members spent the day in Pierre for South Dakota Farmers Union Day.

"Coming out to Pierre and talking to Legislators directly about what's going on in the Ag community, and the problems and the solutions we might have is very important to be very involved in the process," Wayne Soren, VP of the SD Farmers Union said.

Of the topics presented, House Bill 1008, the Hemp Bill, was the item of focus.

Hemp is something the Farmers Union would like to see legalized in the state as another crop option.

"It would be another crop that we'd be able to grow, and hopefully market," Soren said.

Kirk Schaunaman is a Farmer from Aberdeen. He was in attendance for the Senate Ag Committee's vote on hemp, which was unanimously passed.

"It's good that South Dakota is moving forward with the rest of the Nation, 47 states currently have hemp legalization," Schaunaman said.

Schaunaman believes the legalization of hemp is vital for rural America.

"I think it just gives South Dakota producers another opportunity to possibly make some money," Schaunaman said.

He was excited to see the bill pass through the Senate Ag Committee today. He, along with others in attendance are eager to see what happens next.

"We need the Governor to sign the Bill. It still has a little bit of due diligence to happen to get the Bill into action," Luke Reindl, an Ag Legislative Specialist said.

Many of the farmers think hemp will bring major benefits to the Agriculture industry in the state.