Farmers still working around ongoing trade tariffs

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The trade war between the United States and China, that has been ongoing for close to a year now, continues to take a toll on farmers across South Dakota.

"It's hard to prepare for that, the long term impact," said Craig Schaunaman, South Dakota Farmer.

Craig and Kirk Schaunaman are farmers in Aberdeen, over the past year they've made changes to their normal business practices.

"As we look ahead, we look for different markets, different opportunities out there," Schaunaman said.

Some of those opportunities may come from right here at home.

"On our particular farm we've grown sunflowers, we're a year out from growing sunflowers. We're going to some non-GMO beans this year, try to capture a local market," Schaunaman said.

The Schaunaman's are just one of many groups of people affected.

Getting a deal done sooner rather than later is important to more than just the farmers and their families.

"You look at the stock market, and every time we think we're going to get a deal done the economy moves. Some of that's natural, and some of it's driven by the tariffs and the lack of a trade deal," Schaunaman said.

Even though he has found ways to offset the lack of a deal, Schaunaman knows the near future won't be easy.

"I think the next six months to a year, if there's not a trade deal that gets done I think we're in for some real tough times," he said.

Schaunaman said the funds that were given to the agriculture industry last year were very helpful, and if that's an option this year, that could help alleviate some of the stress on farmers again.