Faulkton School District construction

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The Faulkton School District is in the midst of a huge construction project.

"We passed a nine million dollar bond issue, the community did in December by 67%," said Scott Lepke, the Superintendent of Faulkton School District.

"Our project is a combination of building a new school for our middle school, high school students, and also remodeling our elementary school that we currently have," Lepke said.

All of that work does require some flexibility from staff and students.

"We had to relocate our students. So our middle school and high school students are in the community center that we rented from the city. We have dividers inside that building that we have four classrooms," Lepke said.

Those four classrooms stuffed into the community center does cause some trouble for everybody.

"When you've got teachers that are used to being in a self contained room, they can speak as loud as they want, show videos when they want, we have to be a little more cogizant of our neighbors," Craig Cassens, the High School Principal said.

"There's times where it gets loud, there's a lot of people in here so it gets crazy at times," said Morgan Melius, the Senior Class President at Faulkton High School.

But students and staff think the smaller space also has its advantages.

"If you need to talk to a teacher, you pretty much walk around the corner and you're in their classroom," Melius said.

"From a teaching standpoint, our staff are definitely more aware of our curriculum," Cassens said.

Right now everybody at the school is continuing to learn to adapt.

The staff is hopeful the work will be done in early September.