Fireworks stand benefiting Harrisburg students

Published: Jun. 26, 2020 at 6:31 PM CDT
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When you're buying fireworks this year, it's nice to know that the money raised can actually go to help a local organization. In Harrisburg at the ACE Hardware parking lot, the fireworks stand is helping a group that supports student activities at Harrisburg High School.

Nearly 50 thousand dollars has been raised by Tiger Nation, a booster club formed to financially support extracurricular activities.

"And those programs range everywhere from boys and girls soccer boys and girls basketball, football team, wrestling, the robotics team, HOSA, choir, performing arts, which includes band and other things, theater," said Rob Simmermon, President of Tiger Nation.

With tight school budgets, funding from Tiger Nation helps each student have a unique experience.

"That helps them grow in different areas, helps them socialize, things like that," said Simmermon.

The fireworks stand was just set up, stocked, and is ready for shoppers to prepare for Independence Day.

"It's open from 10 to 9 every day except on July 4th, it's actually open nine to nine. And that is completely run by volunteers," said Simmermon.

One item bought this year is a $5,000 digital backdrop for the theatre and other uses. Zach Hoffman, the Drama club historian, and student at Harrisburg High School are looking forward to how the backdrop could be used.

"I'm kind of excited for the backdrop because it allows us to, I guess, save more money because we don't have to spend money for a new backdrop, every time we have a new show. With this, we can just use like pictures from the internet," said Hoffman.

Tiger nation also has other fundraisers throughout the year including a golf tournament, Tiger bowl with multiple sporting events all in one day, a banquet, and a Christmas performance.