Five arrested after four month long meth investigation

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Three law enforcement agencies, the Aberdeen Police, the Brown County Sheriff's Department, and the State DCI worked for months, followed leads, and identified suspects before they were ready to make their move.

"As of yesterday we conducted three search warrants on three different houses and were able to arrest multiple people," Wes Graff, Brown County Sheriff's Department Investigator, said.

"The meth problem is on the rise because it's become so much cheaper," Bradley Jung, a Detective with the Aberdeen Police Department's Drug Task Force, said.

The warrants were for three different houses at the 1600 block of 10th Avenue SW. The Park Village neighborhood of Aberdeen.

"We've got our different areas where crime rates might be a little higher, I wouldn't say yesterday's incident was a targeted area, it was just an area that we knew about, but the issue is wide spread throughout the entire community," Jung said.

"I'm not saying that it's all tied to Park Village, but that's just where we executed three search warrants yesterday," Graff said.

Multiple people were charged with various different crimes in connection to the investigation.

"Distribution of methamphetamine, conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine or a controlled substance, ingesting a controlled substance, also there was charges of child neglect," Graff said.

Methamphetamine has become a serious problem in the Aberdeen area. These arrests are a step in the right direction. There are also other things being done to help.

"There are organizations in town that do community presentations. Every six months there's something that they do," Jung said.

Law enforcement officials are expecting there to be more arrests made in connection to this case.