Freezing rain blankets I-29 in ice

Published: Jan. 16, 2017 at 12:39 PM CST
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As ice storms plague portions of Iowa and Minnesota, areas in southeast South Dakota have been hit with ice as well. Freezing rain created poor driving conditions Monday morning in areas south of Sioux Falls.

Freezing rain created extremely slippery conditions in southeast South Dakota. The storm blanketed the area in a layer of ice that made it hard just to walk around, let alone try to drive.

The farther south drivers travel, the more likely it is they'll hit ice.

Drivers getting gas at the Coffee Cup Fuel Stop at the I-29 exit near Vermillion say dicey conditions forced them to slow down.

“As we were driving along 80 miles an hour from Brookings down here, and we got south of Sioux Falls, and I was following a truck and getting ready to pass it, and all of the sudden my car started wiggling around back and forth a little bit. And I couldn’t figure out what was going on, and all of the sudden I said that's black ice down there, you can't see it. It looks like regular pavement,” Larry Swain from Brookings said.

While this family is staying the course for their trip, one semi driver says he is going to take things slow Monday.

Ron Carriere departed a few hours later than normal, waiting for conditions to improve.

“It's going to delay me and put me behind. I was supposed to deliver today. I’m not delivering now till tomorrow, puts me back a day, but better to get there than not get there,” Carriere said.

The Winter Weather Advisory doesn’t expire until midnight Monday night.

Officials with the South Dakota Department of Transportation are urging people to use caution when they get behind the wheel.