Friends and family remember Minnesota student found dead at UMN

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(KSFY) - "He was fun," Emily Reinarts, a friend and classmate of Dylan Fulton, said. "He tried to keep it fun, but he was definitely a good student I was in a group project with him, and he really made sure we got done on time and everything."

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Early Thursday morning St. Paul police responded to a call at the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity after a resident finding the body. Police later identified the student as 20-year-old Dylan Fulton from St. Lawerance, South Dakota.

His family said in a statement: he was a good student, maintaining a 4.0, and making the Dean's List at the University of Minnesota.

"He just had the most contagious smile and life, like I've ever met in a person," Reinarts said. "Like he's just the most genuine soul, he just made everyone's day just better."

The family shares the Fulton recently became an officer at the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity.

"I felt like a good friend to him, and he was a good friend of mine that way," Reinarts said. "And we felt like he knew my name. And that just makes everyone feel special. So, I guess that's a good memory, but then again, it's really sad knowing that I'm not going to have another chance to see him."

Police do not suspect foul play or hazing. But, believe that alcohol may have played a factor in his death.