Garretson high school students spruce up town

GARRETSON, S.D. - High school students in Garretson gave back to the community by sprucing up the town on Thursday. School staff met with city leaders to find out what needed to be cleaned up after the winter season. Eleven groups of students went to work after they found out what needed to be done.

They painted curbs and crosswalks, picked up trash and pulled out branches near Devil's Gulch. Some students said they had a lot of fun and even made some new friends.

"For us, it was an easy way for us to show them how to give back to the community, but it was also having pride in your own town," Matt Schrank said.

"It feels really good. It helps the kids, so before you couldn't really see the crosswalks, and now you can see them and kids are using them. It just makes it seem better for the community," Dustin Haas said, who is a junior.

Schrank said they hope to continue this clean up effort in the future.