Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood kick-off concert series in Sioux Falls

Published: Sep. 15, 2017 at 11:05 PM CDT
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Many Garth Brooks fans are living out a dream come true.

The county music legend kicked-off his concert series in Sioux Falls with his wife Trisha Yearwood performing by his side.

They held a press conference before the show, shared some fun facts about their lives, and even announced a new stop on their tour.

They walked onto the stage in jeans and tennis shoes. This country music power couple might be legends, but they couldn’t be more down to Earth.

They say they are humbled by thousands of fans are flocking to the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center to see them perform.

“Maybe it's superstition. I don't think he expects it. I think he is always surprised generally by the response and I love that about him,” Trisha Yearwood said.

Fun Fact: when Garth Brooks performed in Sioux Falls 20 years ago it was the first time he ever played two shows in one day.

“Getting to come back here was a joy anyway, but having tickets go the way they did… The band and the crew was extremely fired up,” Garth Brooks said.

He will play nine shows in six days. So, how does the star keep his energy up?

“Vitamins and power drinks, right,” Trisha Yearwood said.

“Vitamins and power drinks. I’m a big fan of so M&M’s and Dr. Pepper. That's my vitamin and power drink. You don't get one of these easy,” the singer said as he lifted up his shirt and exposed his belly. “I should have got a tan or something.”

Fans can't wait to see the by-product of all those vitamins and power drinks.

“We're super excited. We were happy just to get out of town on a date night and get to enjoy another couple doing what they love,” Tamera Morehouse from Parkston said.

The country duo is also thrilled.

“We are just as excited. Like I said, your pregame in Sioux Falls is amazing, and we can’t wait till the actual game,” Yearwood said.

In fact, Garth got so excited he let a secret slip out at the press conference.

“Have we announced Seattle yet,” Brooks said.

“Surprise. It's so weird because you’re normally so good at keeping a secret,” Yearwood said. His wife was being sarcastic.

People in Seattle found out Friday night that they will one of the stops on the last leg of Brook’s tour.

He couldn’t say if he would perform in Sioux Falls again after this concert series.

“God knows what the future is,” he said.

He says he doesn’t think he will have a tour this big again.

Sioux Falls police are reminding everyone to stay safe and avoid drinking and driving. They posted a message on Facebook warning concert goers to avoid having too many ‘long neck bottles’ or a few more than ‘two Pina Coladas’. The post already has more than 2,000 shares and 5,000 likes.

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