George Floyd's family speaks out as they participate in Rapid City memory walk

Published: May. 31, 2020 at 4:42 PM CDT
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"United we stand, united we fall" are the words hundreds chanted as they filled Memorial Park in Rapid City in honor of George Floyd.

Hundreds peacefully walked through Memorial Park in Rapid City to pay tribute to George Floyd.

A viral video of an African American male dying in police custody touched the hearts of many.

"Oh it was unbearable to watch that video it truly was and it's got to stop," said one participant.

Shawn Jones agrees.The cousin to George Floyd.

Jones is still in shock as he can't help but watch the video of his relative on repeat.

"I can't stop looking at it. It's something I got to watch. No matter what I just go to watch it," Jones said.

Jones found out about the death of his cousin after a friend messaged him online and a phone call from his mother.

"It's just a sad situation to how he died," Jones said. "You know, he's a loving guy. He's a big guy we called him gentle giant but I also called him Big for Nothing. I was like you big for nothing, who you going to hurt."

Along with signs reading "Black Lives Matter" and "I may not be Black but I got yo back," other signs addressed their condolences for Selwyn Jones, Floyd's uncle.

Selwyn Jones was immediately recognized as people hugged and held his hand in support.

"I just never been in a situation where people I don't even know, do this for me because of the cause," Selwyn Jones said. "My nephew maybe he was put in a situation at this particular time so we all can get together and to prove a point and try to make a difference in this world."

As the peaceful walk was wrapped up with a traditional Native American song, Shawn Jones wants to remind people violence is not what George Floyd would have wanted.

"Don't need violence. Not going to make anything better. Just going to make it worse," Shawn Jones said.

Shawn Jones said he was planning a trip to surprise his cousin this summer.

He said arrangements are being made to lay Floyd to rest in Houston, Texas where his immediate family lives.