'Giving Tuesday' fills need for the South Dakota Food Pantry

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Sioux Falls, S.D. - The holiday shopping season continues Monday with 'Cyber Monday', but the season of giving is just beginning. Tuesday, people across the nation are giving back for 'Giving Tuesday.' One in every eight South Dakotans is struggling with hunger and that need only increases around the holiday season. The South Dakota food pantry said that's why giving back tomorrow, and every day is so important. Food is something many of us take for granted.

“We definitely have a need and it’s the most basic need. It’s just getting access to food,” Feeding South Dakota Development Director, Kerri DeGraff said.

“Well I always pick up peanut butter because my kids eat that like it’s crazy and fruit they love fruit,” Food pantry shopper, Jonna Delvecchio said.

At the holidays, food is a big part of the celebration.

“Being able to have the opportunity to sit around a table as a family and enjoy a meal together is just so important. It just gives families dignity. It gives them hope. It helps them really enjoy the season and lesson some of the stress that they have,” DeGraff said.

“This helps. This helps a lot like every time I come. I get all my meals done and if I don't have something I’m like yes! It’s here. I get to grab it. Yay,” Food pantry shopper Amanda Wallat said.

Any donation, may put a smile on someone's face.

“Sometimes there by the grace of God go us. We are only one or two miss steps of being in a position of needing help or maybe we have needed help at some point in our life,” South Dakota Better Business Bureau State Director, Jessie Schmidt said.

“I think people really are stepping up, giving back, and realizing that the holidays isn't about getting gifts. It’s more about giving back and helping others maybe that are less fortunate,” DeGraff said.

Organizers at the food pantry said for them, ‘Giving Tuesday’ continues to get bigger and bigger every year. While it can be heartbreaking to see families without food, they said the look they see after families leave the pantry is the best gift this holiday season.