Governor Noem outlines budget for new fiscal year

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Governor Kristi Noem spoke to lawmakers about the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

She proposed the budget she feels will wisely put money into the resources that directly affect each and every South Dakotan.

"I wish there was more revenue so we could always do more," said South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.

Governor Noem wanted to address some of the important issues for the future of the State and the budget.

“In my budget proposal I think we really focused on the areas that we needed to, that prioritized not just taking care of people that we need to today, but also setting us up for success in the future,” Governor Noem said.

The issues of education, meth, and disaster relief were some of the topics that dominated her speech.

“2019 turned out to be a very different year than what we all thought it would be standing here 12 months ago," Noem said.

State Representative Steve McCleerey from Sisseton felt good about some of the issues addressed.

“The positives that we're going to see I think is the meth, the added money that's going to go into the meth type of thing for drug abuse, that's going to be a positive, I think the adoption, the foster parenting, that type of thing is going to be huge for the youth,” State Representative Steve McCleerey said.

But he did feel some things could be different going forward.

“I'm a little disappointed in zero increases for education, caregivers, that type of a thing,” McCleerey said.​

Governor Noem believes that the budget plan will drive the State into a great future from a budget standpoint.

" I think where we're putting our dollars is wise​," Governor Noem said.

Even though Governor Noem wishes there were more funds available to use, there is some 'one time money' that can be used during the year.