Governor Noem visits Sioux Falls after tornadoes

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One of the three tornadoes touched down just before 11:30 last night causing heavy damage to the Avera behavioral health center and heart health center.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem visited the area today, she was optimistic to see Sioux Falls residents pulling together.

"It's really quite miraculous that we didn't lose lives last night, that people made it through the storm the way that they did, and it's also incredible to see the community out here today," said South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.

Governor Noem spent her afternoon meeting with people in Sioux Falls, and viewing the damage left behind.

"Already the State is partnering with Avera, we're helping to house many of their patients in our facilities," Governor Noem said.

She is happy to see people pull together to help clean up the debris.

"This is really a special thing in South Dakota that we can go through these difficult times and see such cooperation on behalf of each other," said Governor Noem.

Jordan Beswick works for a landscape company. He and a crew of employees spent time helping clean up around the Avera Heart Hospital.

"We have people from different divisions just trying to help out," said Jordan Beswick, a landscaper.

Helping out means a lot to him because he knows it's going to take a group effort to get the city back to where it was.

"Every one needs to come together and try to figure out how to get it back on track," Beswick said.

The leaders at Avera know all the help they receive is great for their future.

"We're getting an outpouring from our community of people who want to help so it's been, while a tragic event, certainly a lot of blessings in the middle of it," said Thomas Otten, Assistant Vice President of Behavioral Health Services.

Governor Noem does want people to know they can reach out to the City and State leaders if they have any questions at all.