GreatLIFE utilizes staff to keep on payroll after closing certain facilities

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - One Sioux Falls business is making sure its employees continue to stay busy even with no customers in the building. 
GreatLIFE is now giving its employees other tasks to do to keep them on the clock. 
Last week GreatLIFE began to close certain locations throughout the Sioux Falls area due to the Coronavirus. 
Now, they’re not sending their employees home instead, using this time to get some projects done. 
When GreatLIFE President, Nick Ovenden, started closing the doors to some GreatLIFE facilities last Friday, he wanted to make sure his employees were going to be well taken care of. 
Ovenden said, “One of the biggest things that goes to my head during a time like this is, ‘what are we going to do with our team?’ It’s a scary time, so making sure we have people able to come in and keep some normalcy, and also stay on the payroll because letting people go leads to a lot of different things.”
In a time of uncertainty, GreatLIFE is finding ways to be flexible.
“It is a challenge for people, especially people who are single moms or have families or anything like that to make sure that they are able to be busy and consistent,” Ovenden continued. “We’ve made some exceptions to different roles to work around scheduling and had some people working from home.”
While keeping staff busy, Ovenden says they are limiting the number of people in each facility. 
Currently, the staff is working to re-paint the inside of their Woodlake facility and helping with maintenance on some fitness machines.
“We have a whole list of things that we’re working on right now to keep people busy and active, and really to keep people positive and give people the most normal setting that we can right now in kind of an unnormal, unusual circumstance,” Ovenden said.
At the end of the day, it’s about positivity. 

“Our main goal is to make sure that we are staying positive for our team and for our members too because it is a lot of uncertainties,” said Ovenden.