Group fitness classes get creative during pandemic

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The Coronavirus is changing the fitness industry and making it more digital. 
With gyms and fitness studios closing their doors, it’s allowing them to get creative and workout online. 
Being part of a gym, like DEFINE Body and Mind, allows you to be part of a community, and now that COVID-19 has separated most of those fitness communities, they’re finding new ways to workout together. 
Such as online. 
DEFINE Body and Mind in Sioux Falls, is part of a small franchise around the world, and the worldwide pandemic forced them to close their doors earlier this week, but that didn’t stop them from teaching fitness classes. 

Co-Owner of DEFINE Sioux Falls, Andrea O’Connor said, “We stopped our classes Wednesday and by Thursday we already had live classes going from all of our different studios around the country; Cincinnati, Houston, Dubai and all over the place. Clients have been able to watch classes from everywhere.”
How the classes work? 
“We are using the Zoom platform,” O’Connor continued. “We still require clients to log into our app, the Mind and Body App, they’ll see all of our schedules for the day just like they always would, they login and then they sign up for classes.”
Once signed up, they receive a link to go to when the class starts and join from home. 
Saturday was the first day that the Sioux Falls location started teaching online, and Co-Owner Andrea O’Connor says it’s definitely a learning process. 
“We’re adapting, we’re taking it hour by hour. Things are changing so rapidly, we might have to do this from our house soon if we can’t come into the studio, so it’s been a challenge,” she said.
No matter where you’re working out during this time, O’Connor believes the benefits can be more than physical.
“Not only is this physically limiting, not being able to come into a studio but it’s mental too. It’s hard to be confined to your house, so I think the more you can move your body and get those endorphins moving the happier you’ll be,” said O’Connor.
If you’re not a member and would like to join a class, you can download the Define Body and Mind App and you can pay per class.