Gun sales and interest remains steady in South Dakota under President Trump

Published: Mar. 11, 2017 at 8:44 PM CST
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Since President Donald Trump took office earlier this year, guns sales nationally have seen a steady decline.

Gun dealers say in the past, they saw a surge in sales when the political climate seemed unfavorable to guns, but now that the president is supporting guns, the U.S. saw one million fewer gun sales than the same period last year.

Brandon Maddox is the owner of Dakota Silencer.

He, along with others in the gun industry admit there was a shared worry of declining sales once President Donald Trump stepped into office.

"Honestly we were expecting them to go down with Trump having gone in," said Maddox.

Although gun sales have nationally taken a bullet, Maddox says that hasn't been the case for him and other vendors in the state.

"Really our sales have been great. If anything, we are seeing more positive optimism in the Dakotas for our shows and more interest getting firearms, coming to gun shows," Maddox said.

"We have seen an increase in the interest in firearms. South Dakota has always been a firearm friendly state," said Rob Moore.

Dakota Territory Gun Collectors Association is holding one the many gun shows they organize in North and South Dakota this weekend in Sioux Falls.

Gun show manager Rob Moore, believes Trump's support for the Second Amendment is giving people more confidence in pulling the trigger on purchases.

"Being more Second Amendment friendly than the previous administration, we are seeing people coming back buying firearms when they may have not under the previous administration," said Moore.

Gun dealers also credit the popularity of outdoor sporting events.

"A lot of people up here hunt with what they buy, more hunters. Not to say private protection is not important, but I think a lot of people hunt so it's hobbies and activities outdoors," added Maddox.

"Some people are interested in the shooting sports and some people are interested in the self defense, and some are the combination of the two," stated Moore.