Family: Friday night stabbing victim makes it through emergency surgery

Published: Dec. 1, 2019 at 11:22 AM CST
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A Sioux Falls teen has made it through emergency surgery and is recovering after a stabbing Friday night in Sioux Falls. Authorities were called to a bike trail near W. 41st Street and S. Kiwanis Avenue after a report of a stabbing.

The family is now speaking out after the altercation that injured three juveniles. They're now all recovering in a Sioux Falls hospital.

Jenya Romereim is the aunt of one of the victims who needed emergency surgery after the incident. She started a

to help her nephew Jason, 16.

She wrote on the Go Fund Me page, Friday night after leaving the mall with friends one of those friends attacked the others with a knife.

"My nephew tried to protect his friends, one of which was a female. He was stabbed multiple times and had his throat slashed. He ran on pure adrenaline to find help even with being badly injured," Romereim said.

She added that Jason ended up needing emergency surgery to fix all the damage and all of the victims are in the hospital with multiple injuries.

"Jason is the type of kid who will try to help you even if you have done him wrong in the past. He is a great kid who did not deserve something like this happening to him," Romereim said.

Sioux Falls police will update the media on Monday morning at police briefing.

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