Habitat Stamp fees aim to support S.D. wildlife

Published: Jun. 25, 2020 at 5:03 PM CDT
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Hunting and fishing licenses in South Dakota will soon have an added fee tagged onto them.

Senate Bill 75, which was passed in the 2020 legislative session, will require a habitat stamp to be purchased with certain licenses beginning next week.

A purchase of a habitat stamp will be required by those over the age of 18 when buying a hunting, fishing, or furbearer license starting July 1st.

Although the habitat stamp with cost those who like to hunt and fish a little extra money, that money will be going right back into local wildlife.

Director of Wildlife with the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Tom Kirschenmann said, “Those dollars that will be acquisitioned from your habitat stamp will be used for habitat projects both on the terrestrial side and aquatic side.”

If you’re a South Dakota resident the stamp will cost you $10, and $25 if you’re a non-resident.

Kirschenmann emphasizes that habitat is an important aspect of keeping the high quality of hunting and fishing in South Dakota.

He said, “Whether we are talking about residents or non-residents, at the end of the day to enjoy those outdoor opportunities really comes down to having that habitat and access for those resources.”

The money will also help with making the great outdoors more accessible.

Kirschenmann added, “The access to both those land and aquatic resources for our sportsmen and women is so critical to keep them engaged, go out and recreate, and also recruit new folks into the outdoor recreation sports as well.”

Kirschenmann adds that if you have already bought a license prior to July 1st, you will not need to purchase a habitat stamp for that license.

“If you’ve already purchased and you have your valid license and that’s all you’re going to do for the year, you’re good to go. That would then go into play for next time you purchase your license the subsequent year,” Kirschenmann said.

Licenses that don’t require a purchase of a habitat stamp are one-day hunting or fishing license, youth hunting license, private shooting preserve license, Hunt for Habitat entries, landowner hunting license, preference points, or to purchase a park entrance license or camping reservation.

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