Officials investigating whooping cough case at Mobridge-Pollock school district

Whooping cough Photo: Pixabay and MGN graphic.

State health officials say they are looking into a case of pertussis, also known as whooping cough, at the Mobridge-Pollock School District.

According to Dakota Radio Group, superintendent Tim Frederick says the school is working closely with the Department of Health in identifying other students who may be considered to have been in close contact with the affected individual. He says the health department will contact any parent whose child has been considered a close contact.

Pertussis is a contagious disease of the respiratory tract caused by a bacteria found in the mouth, nose and throat of an infected person. It begins as a mild upper respiratory infection and within two weeks, the cough becomes more severe and is characterized by episodes of numerous and rapid coughs or high pitched whoops. The incubation period is usually 9 to 10 days but may range from 6 to 20 days.