How to contact your local legislator and why it's important

SOUTH DAKOTA - Staff at the ACLU of South Dakota has set up a tool kit on the website with several ideas on how to reach out to your local legislator to talk to them about various issues.

The ACLU believes constituents can create positive change by contacting their legislators.

On this site, there are several ways to reach out to your legislator like calling, emailing or writing them a letter. The ACLU gives examples of letters and bullet points on what you should include in a letter or phone call.

Adam Jorgensen, who is a communications associate with the ACLU of South Dakota, said a letter can be very effective when trying to get a hold of a legislator. A couple reasons why is because snail mail isn't as popular any more and if you get a group of people to write a letter to a legislator, that can be powerful receiving so many at a time.