How to get potholes properly taken care of

Published: Feb. 3, 2020 at 5:24 PM CST
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It may only be February but the warmer weather seemed to spark the pothole conversation in the Sioux Falls area.

Even Mayor Paul TenHaken posted a video to Facebook last week about potholes as a reminder to everyone that they're bound to happen.

Streets Operations Manager Dustin Hansen said Sioux Falls usually has at least one crew working year-round on potholes.

Hansen also said they have about fives crews out this week working on the potholes around the area.

The city is asking everyone to report any potholes through the city of Sioux Falls app.

"We really would like individuals to use the one-link app. It's really easy. It's on your mobile device. You can use it on your desktop as well. You can attach a picture to that. You can put a description in there, that way our crews know exactly where to go because they'll have a pin dropped," says Hansen.

"Potholes we like to get done as quickly as possible. The winter is an issue for us. If we have events where we have to go out and do snow removal that's gonna take us away from potholes. But I say have patience, we'll get there in a few days. It might be a little bit longer than that, it just kind of depends on the weather."

It typically only takes a few minutes to completely fix a single pothole, but where there's one there's often more.

So, the street crews will take time to fix the rest that are in that area as well.